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The Meter Guys
Air Monitoring For First Responders

"I had no idea what I didn't know about my meter.

 This was the best meter class I have ever taken"

"Meters made simple!

I learned more about meters and hazmat situations from this class

than from 35 hours of hazmat ops"

"I liked how it was a clear cut course, very straight to the point. I also liked the hands on experience to get a nice understanding on what really happens without the chaos of a call."

"It was a real meter class that covered what we needed to know about meters through hands on use and background understanding"

"Worth my Sunday"

"Until this class I didn't understand how or why the LEL sensor worked.  I see how ill prepared I was to use meters that I'd been "trained" to use and had used numerous times on calls already.  I feel that the next time we get a smells and bells I'll actually know what to do, why I'm doing it, and what the meter's readouts mean."

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