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The Meter Guys Offerings

We offer 2 versions of our Innovative Air Monitoring Meter Class for First Responders

As well as custom courses.

Explore below to see what fits your organizations training needs


The Meter Guys
Full Day


The Meter Guys

This is a full day hands on and lecture

First Responder Meter class.

Contact us for more information


The Meter Guys


The Meter Guys Express

This is a 1/2 Day class that is a condensed version of the Full Day class.  This class allows jurisdictions the flexibility of offering the same class twice a day morning and afternoon, or evening sessions.

Contact us for more information.


The Meter Guys
Custom Courses


The Meter Guys Custom Courses

Allow our instructors to create a custom course for your specific needs.  Contact us for a solution to your training needs.

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