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Hands-On Meter Training for First Responders

The Meter Guys is a fun, interactive, innovative, and hands-on meter training program focused on helping First Responders, Hazmat Personnel, and Industrial Workers better understand their meters, so they are prepared when it matters most.

Who are the Meter Guys?

Subject matter experts providing innovative meter training to First Responders, Hazmat Personnel, and Industrial Workers, and beyond. We are focused on making meters enjoyable, and ensuring that participants are competent on these tools of the trade. 

Grant Opportunities

Finances shouldn't be a barrier to quality, life-saving training. There are a number of grants that support this type of training. We are happy to help your agency determine if your agency's participation in our class is grant eligible.


We serve First Responders, Industrial Workers, Military, and Hazmat Personnel. Our focus is the First Responders who are not usually provided in-depth meter training. We provide custom classes for Hazmat Technicians and Specialists.

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