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Relevant Training For America's First Responders


The Meter Guys

Who Are We

Subject matter experts providing innovative meter training to First Responders.  We focus and specialize in making meters fun and getting the First Responder competent on these tools of the trade. We target where the rubber meets the road the first arriving responders.

The Meter Guys

The Meter Guys is a hands on training class that teaches the use  of meters to first responder.  The training of meters in the fire service is literally little to none with minimal understanding.  We intend to make first responders competent vs. checking a box on a computer to complete a class. Real relevant hands on training for your personnel



Our target clients are First Responders, Industry, and the Military.  Our focus is the First Responders who are not afforded in depth training on meters. This is a training shortfall in the First Responder, Emergency responder world. We also do custom classes for Hazmat Technicians, and Specialists.


About The Meter Guys


STK is a training and education group of Fire and Healthcare professionals.

The Meter Guys is our innovative hands on meter training program for First Responders. This course provides quality hands on training in atmospheric monitoring with 4-Gas meters.  The use of a meter on an emergency scene is the foundation for Safety. Through our program students will learn how to really use and interpret meter readings as well as protect themselves from the carcinogens that lurk on the scene.  Our mission is to promote Safety Through Knowledge with relevant street level focused hands on training and to prevent cancer in our fellow First Responders


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